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Who Are You?

The Beer Monsters are 3 Nottingham based musicians who decided to put together a good time band....

Paul (Guitar and Vocals), Huw (Bass) and Robin (Drums) have known each other for close to 10 years and whilst they have been involved with bands where they have played together before, The Beer Monsters represents a new venture - the first time they can play together, playing the music they want to play (and hopefully you want to hear).

A typical Beer Monsters gig will cover rock, blues, 80's pop, R&B (proper R&B, not this modern dance music), 70's Glam, 90's Indie, with usually a few "off the wall" (or off the top of Paul's head, more like) numbers.

The band performs without the aid of a set list, and will go out of their way to ensure the audience gets what it wants.

Why "The Beer Monsters"?

Strangely enough, the lads like a drop of the old falling down water. This once prompted a mutual friend of theirs to turn round and accuse Huw of being a "Beer Monster". Well, if he's one, then by default they all got tarred with the same brush...

So If you want to know more about the lads...