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BSH - Issue 265/May 2006 (reproduced with permission) - Review of the February Freezer

Full Review here - words Summer Camp/photos Freak

100% Biker - Issue 66/July 2005 (reproduced with permission) - Review of NABD 14

"By the time Stevie came off stage, and it took him a while as the cheering crowd just wouldn't let up, we were pretty well all hammered and then came the fantastic Beer Monsters! I'd never seen the Beer Monsters play before, I'd heard quite a bit about them, but they genuinely are one of the best and most entertaining rally bands about."

"They played a blinding set; the crowd just loved them (including me) and would have been more than happy for them to play all night. This band knows exactly what gets a marquee bouncing... bloody excellent! And then to top it off they invited Stevie back on stage to do a number with them... Unbeatable!"

Full Review - Page1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 - copyright 100% Biker/Jazz Publishing 2005

Bikersweb - June 2005 (reproduced with permission) - Review of NABD 14

"The evening saw the truly superb Beer Monsters take to the stage. Now I've seen other bands walk into the audience playing their instruments, but this was the first time I've seen them invite the audience to help them out when their fingers get tired, and definitely the first time I've seen the lead singer/guitarist hand his instrument over to a lad from the audience and go off for a beer for ten minutes - excellent entertainment. "

Full Review here - copyright Bikersweb 2005

NABD "Open House" Magazine Issue 48 (reproduced with permission)

"At this point we had almost 1,500 people on site and the atmosphere was worth bottling. It's an almost indescribable feeling to see so many people enjoying themselves and to know you have been partly responsible for it. I know all of the marshals, though footsore and tired, had that feeling.

Then it was time to introduce 'The Beer Monsters' onto the stage in the main marquee. The Beer Monsters had played at Cornbury Park for Autumn Nabd'ness last September and they had been phenomenal. While introducing them a little voice in the back of my mind kept saying "they're gonna love this", and I was right. Phrases like 'in your face' and 'the dogs bollocks' spring to mind when trying to describe The Beer Monsters. Suffice it to say that 'Top of the Bill' was the only place for them."

Read the full review of the event here

Running Horse Newsletter 6 January 2003

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Nottingham Drinker Issue 51 August/September 2002 (reproduced with permission)

"The final Saturday featured a barbecue which went well and the band were The Beer Monsters, an excellent three piece who did mainly rock and blues covers for nearly four hours! (That did include a few beer breaks) Well worth a look if they are at your pub. If you visit the Fox and Crown and try their excellent beers, they will give you a contact name for the band."

Running Horse Newsletter 14 September 2002

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